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Being a Freshman Again

Being in a new place can be disorientating for anyone. Being at a new university in a different country can be extremely  disorientating. The best way to describe going abroad for the semester and all the ups and downs I have faced so far is like experiencing freshman year all over again.

Just like coming to Babson for the first time 2 years ago, leading up to London I was going through an emotional roller coaster. Majority of the time I was in shock, had moments of excitement and other moments of OMG how I am I going to survive in London. But I made it hear and I am having a blast! I have gotten a little homesick but it was only when I saw all my flatmates moving in with their parents and boxes upon boxes and then there was me by myself with my one suitcase. But other than that I’ve been too busy to miss home, which was the case freshman year as well.

Cooking a meal in the kitchen for the first time

Cooking a meal in the kitchen for the first time

Another similarity to freshman year I am facing is I am living with first years. Now don’t get me wrong I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my flat but we are in different places in our studies and lives. But at the same time I am also brand new to this school so we are in the same boat as well. There has been so many moments already that we had to figure out together. Like how to cook our own meal. It was new to me since I was used to a meal plan and new to them since this is their first time away from home. Though I’m living with freshman, I am so thankful for the opportunity to live with British students and be fully integrated. I have also been extremely lucky to get such an amazing flat.

Besides the living situation and being in a new place, the biggest “I feel like a freshman” moment was when I had to try to find an office to ask them a question about one of my classes and I had no idea where it was. When I asked someone about it, they pointed to the building right in front of me.

It weird to think if I was back at Babson I would be an upperclassman but here I am a “fresher.” Though its weird I’m just going to embrace the new and unknown as well as the “Fresher” life in London. You got to make the best out of every situation even if it means being a Freshman again.

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