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The Kick Off


I am writing this right after the Patriots loss to the Dolphins. Be happy you aren’t hanging out with me in person.

Ah…September. A time for great weather (in the Boston area), the start of the school year, football season (real and fantasy), and travel season for our office.

Cheryl, an Associate Director in our office, has already been in Asia for two weeks, we’ve had our fantasy football draft, our students are back on campus, orientation for first year students is complete, and it is currently 75 degrees without a cloud in the sky as I write this blog.

As I prepare to leave for the Middle East tomorrow, our entire staff is excited to get out on the road and meet prospective students. At some point in the next 48 hours, we will have staff members in Singapore, Jordan, Nashville, Miami, and Dallas. That’s pretty cool. One of the many things we are excited about this year, is the chance to work with a group of Global Scholars, as we look to bring a cohort of 10 international students with financial need to Babson. Having worked with international students for seven years at Babson, the opportunity to go out on the road with the knowledge that we will be able to help some outstanding students make their dreams of attending Babson a reality is a very exciting proposition. We will have the chance to add even more diversity to an amazingly diverse and global community already attending Babson.

So, as we hit the road, keep an eye out for our visits, as well as our mutual friend Biz E. Beaver, making appearances all over the globe. I’ll have some more updates soon, so, until then, here’s hoping for some great movie options on my flight to Amman, Jordan tomorrow night.

PS: If you see Tommaso, author of “Tommaso’s 7-Day,” in Dallas, ask him about his unicorn t-shirt…he loves talking about it.

As a bonus, we have a little travel pump-up video directed by our own Asa Cary. EGOT, here he comes!