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End of summer – now what?

Summer break almost ended and so all the internships. Concluding on a positive note is very helpful, especially since the internship search for Summer 2015 has already begun (for areas such as finance and accounting). Keeping in touch with previous supervisors may put you at the top of the list in case you have done well and also they have some open spaces. Here I compiled a list with 5 things to do at the end of an internship. Enjoy!

1. Get connected with colleagues and supervisors. This may involve getting connected on LinkedIn, asking for their business cards, or following their activity on other social media profiles.

2. Get a feedback from your direct supervisor. In case you already haven’t, get one in order to know what mistakes you have made, what were your strengths during the internship program and how you can improve for the future.

3. Stay in touch and interact with supervisors/colleagues on a regular basis.

4. Share your experience! This is how you can hear about other opportunities as well.

5. Ask about the possibility of getting a recommendation (you may need it for a future position or for your studies).