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Fall To-Do List


It’s move-in day at Babson College!

Here’s a scary thought:I have been on a school schedule since kindergarten. Translation: Since I was 5 years old, mid-August has revolved around Back to School. While that has meant different things over the years (mostly in my school supply and lunchbox choices), what has stayed the same is that excited/nervous feeling which comes from anticipating the year ahead, while trying to hold on to the last vestiges of beach days, popsicles and flip flops (which I may or not be wearing right now as I write this). So as I make my September to-do list, I thought that I would share what that list looks like this season.

  •  Name the Alumni Interview Program

I am very excited that we’re expanding our interview offerings beginning this winter. Now in addition to on-campus interviews, applicants can meet with an alum in their area who have lived the Babson experience and love to talk about it! The only problem is that it needs a name. Any suggestions? If we pick your name, there’s a Babson sweatshirt coming your way (big fan of bribery over here). Feel free to take to our Facebook page,  or Twitter to share your pick.

  • Recruit the Centennial Class

Fun fact: We turn 100 in 2019. The Class of 2019 will definitely witness some epic birthday celebrations along the way. Luckily, the accolades have come early. Birthday presents can be practical AND fun, right?

Speaking of the Centennial Class, you know who else we will be welcoming to campus a year from now? Our very first Global Scholars cohort. My team will be fanning out all over the world for Babson and for the first time will be able to offer financial aid for a select group of international students. As someone who has been recruiting internationally for many years, this makes me giddy.

  •  Fantasy Football-Avoid Last Place

Here at Babson Admission we work hard, but there is always time for friendly inter-office competition. OK that’s kind of a lie-this competition is anything but friendly. You don’t need to win, just don’t come in last.