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Tips for the Class of 2018

Babson is buzzing again as students return to campus. With athletes already back on campus training, incoming first years starting their Babson experience at the end of this week, and upperclassmen returning in a week, campus will soon be back in full swing. As the Class of 2018 embarks on their Babson journey, I caught up with some Babson students who completed their first year this past spring and asked their advice for incoming students. The college experience is sure to be an exciting one, and advice from upperclassmen can help make the transition go even smoother.

Babson 2018

Orientation offers an incredible opportunity to meet fellow classmates with whom you are likely to interact at some point during your time at Babson. And it’s not just students you’ll have the opportunity to meet – 2017’s Brooke Morton notes “Whether it’s with faculty, students, staff, alum, guest speakers, or anyone else that comes through campus, make as many connections as you can and always be ready to make a first impression because networking is everything.” Babson’s campus is always busy with students, staff, and guests so don’t be afraid to introduce yourself or ask questions, Babson is one of the most open places and people are almost always willing to help.

Babson is also full of resources that many first years may not know about. Current student Kelsi McDougle advises to “take advantage of all of the services on campus like the tutoring services, Center for Career Development, and study abroad office as soon as the first semester of freshman year- connecting with students and faculty/staff in all of these places early can be so valuable down the road.” Becoming familiar with these resources, meeting those who work in these offices, and making use of them from the start will help set you up for future success.

Babson’s professors are also excited to welcome the new class and are a valuable resource throughout your time here. Rose Lature says “I advise that you go to your professor’s office hours. Having that one on one time with your professor helps you understand the material much better and helps you to be comfortable in the classroom. I wish I took this advice earlier in my freshmen year.” Learning from those who have already been in your shoes provides a chance to maximize your first few weeks and have fewer regrets later in the semester. College offers new independence and greater responsibility. It’s up to you to take the extra steps.

Class of 2017’s Brandon Schwartz adds “”It’s never too early to begin planning, and no matter what, you never have a second chance to make a first impression, so be bold and think before you act.” Orientation can be overwhelming and busy at times, but putting your best foot forward when meeting others can make a lasting impression that can follow you throughout your time at Babson. Babson student Josh McGovern says “Keep an open door – literally and figuratively. A great way to make friends is keeping the door to your room open to interact with others in the hall. Also keep open to new opportunities – college is a completely new start in your life so take full advantage of it.“

The future is yours and taking initiative will make your experience the best it can be! Get ready to have a great time and welcome to Babson!