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Reflection of my summer

What a wild ride! I can’t believe two months have already passed. It is still crazy for me to think about everything I went through this summer. Not only was I able to fully immerse myself in one of my dream careers, I was also able to explore a new city, connect with family members that I am meeting for the first time, and develop a closer relationship with friends I already had.

To start off, my time at Bank of China International was one of the greatest learning experiences of my life. Throughout the process I didn’t really notice the growth I was going through. It is only looking back now that I realized all the skills I have developed that could not be taught in any classroom. BOCI required a lot of figuring things out for yourself. Often times my supervisor would hand me assignments without any guidelines on how he wants me to go about completing it. While this was frustrating at first, I will never forget the skills I learned here largely due to the painful exploration process, whether it was figuring out how to navigate the Bloomberg terminal or simply utilizing Excel effectively. Furthermore, I also learned how to act professionally within the corporate culture which will be vital in any career I decide to pursue going forward.

Beyond my professional experience, I also developed many close relationships that I cherish and will continue to keep in touch with. The fellow interns within my department have truly become like family to me. We’ve gone through so much both in our work and our lives outside of the company. Meeting these friends has definitely made a trip to this foreign country a lot less lonely.

I could not have asked for a better experience this summer. Between the cultural immersion and amazing work environment, there is little to be unhappy about. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank Babson for providing me with this internship sponsorship award and helping me make this trip possible.