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Learning from Karmaloop

Going into my internship at Karmaloop/PLNDR, I had a list, or an idea of what I wanted to learn and apply to other organizations I am involved in.  Thankfully, I was able to to learn what I wanted to, which mainly pertained to social media.  Since I am beginning the bulk of my marketing classes at Babson this Fall, I did not know what to expect out of this, so my list or expectations was not much.

There are certain things I learned at Karmaloop that I would not have thought of adding to my list beforehand, which contributed to my experience.  It is an added bonus.  These things including running and maintaining promotions, scheduling integrative posts, tracking, pulling links, etc.  All of these taught me a little more about social media marketing, that will hopefully give me a boost going into my classes this Fall.  Along with this, I have also begun to use this on my own business, which has proven efficient and effective.  Instead of just posting when something comes to mind, I can plan days or weeks in advance, and add or edit as needed.  I can also see where the traffic to my site is coming from, something I did not realize would be useful beforehand.  I am grateful for my time at Karmaloop, and I can’t wait to begin learning even more on this subject in the Fall.