Undergraduate Blog / Career Development

Reflecting Back and Looking Forward

As I reflect back on my experience interning for Populus Brands, I can honestly say that I have learned an immense amount about branding in the entertainment industry. I have definitely gained more in-depth insight on the many facets of the entertainment industry. Before I began my time with Populus I was so concerned with the environment in which I would be working, the quality of work I would deliver, and whether my thoughts and assumptions would align with my actual experience.

Although it is definitely imperative that the quality of work one delivers to any company maximizes the value added to that company, it is more important and essential, to takeaway the most knowledge and experience from an internship in order to continuously educate oneself. There are many unique, non-traditional, aspects of the entertainment industry that most do not recognize on a daily basis. I was lucky enough to have had the opportunity to explore and work in one of these unique and non-traditional aspects of the entertainment industry.

Initially, I was worried that this company was not big enough, or recognized enough, to allow me to reach the level I desire for my future career. However, I have come to realize that because I worked in a smaller and unique environment I was able to interact with more people and gain more insights towards the actual functionality of the entertainment industry and how trade-out deals, branding, and marketing components work in this ever-changing industry.

Because I had desired, and crafted the opportunities I choose to pursue around my passion and goal of achieving a career in the entertainment industry I was a little scared that I would not have as fulfilling of an experience as I had hoped. Luckily, I can say that my internship with Populus was not only enjoyable, but opened my eyes to more insights and facets into the entertainment industry that I would not have otherwise discovered. Simply living in Los Angeles for a few months allowed me to see how this industry plays such an immense role in its history and daily operations.  The most interesting aspect of entertainment marketing is that it is never the same and one will not be stuck doing the same tasks and projects, which keeps the job exciting and extremely appealing to me.  Now that I have left LA, I am committed to continue exploring and educating myself on the various aspects of marketing in entertainment locally to better prepare myself for opportunities that I may cross my path in the future.