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Advantages of Working at a Small Company

If you didn’t know already, this summer I have had the opportunity to work as a marketing intern at a small real estate technology company, dotloop, headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio. In my past blog posts, I have always talked about the rewarding experience that I have had with the company, yet I have never explained the reasoning.

With under 150 employees, dotloop is easily categorized as a small company. While some might be turned away because of its size when looking for an internship, I was drawn to the company even further. Working for a smaller sized organization has its true advantages. First of all, a smaller environment allows for open communication between all employees and departments. There are blurred lines within dotloop between each department. While separated, there is constant communication and movement throughout the company. For example, when working on a marketing project for the sales team, I was able to simply walk downstairs and talk to the sales director. In a larger company, this would never happen. As an intern, I would be lucky if I had a close relationship with the marketing director, let alone a director of another apartment. I have found that such an open environment encourages creativity and support.

Another advantage I have found working at dotloop, goes hand-in-hand with the low number of employees. As an intern, I am treated no differently than the full-time marketers. I work independently and I have the opportunity to be as creative as possible (as long as it falls within the new branding guide J)

Overall, I would encourage more students to explore internship opportunities with smaller companies. Too often do students opt making copies and getting coffee all summer just to have a large name on their resume. An internship allows you to explore what you like and dislike – so take advantage and take the opportunity to go outside of your comfort zone.

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