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Avoiding the Last Week Distraction

While the end may be in sight for many of us in our last week of a summer internship, don’t let the approaching date distract you from the remaining opportunities to take advantage of.

This last week is a perfect chance to reach out and give a real sense of urgency to those you wished to meet within the company but have yet to. Getting a chance to sit down with someone for a few minutes and have a real discussion about their role and their background can be a tremendous advantage for your career search in the future.

Be sure to look through all of the assignments and projects you were given and have them either completed or clearly handed off to another team member. You don’t want your legacy at the company to be a collection of half-finished documents that no one knows where you were in the process.

An extra mile step that you could make is to create a short blueprint or cheat sheet for the next intern that may be coming after you. Whether they come next week or further in the year, this is an opportunity to make a small effort to dramatically help those jumpstart their own internship experience. I know that the cheat sheets that I was given from a previous intern dramatically improved the speed at which I was able to complete assignments in my first week and also helped create a seamless transition without document formatting suddenly changing.

This week may be how most of the co-workers you just spent over a month with will remember you, be sure to take every effort to leave a positive impression of Babson interns. Don’t forget the thank you cards!