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Learning and Applying, thanks to Karmaloop

So far through my internship at Karmaloop I have learned a great deal.  The best part about this learning is that I can directly apply this to my own business and others that I am involved in.  My managers have been very patient and taken their time out to answer any questions I have had about the significance of certain data or programs, which has truly helped me understand the field better.  It has been a great experience working at Karmaloop so far especially since my business is in a similar industry.  I get to see how other, successful companies structure their promotions and how Karmaloop markets as well, which I can then directly relate to.  I love the hands on learning of creating the company’s marketing content, only to go online later and see my work published to their millions of social media followers.  It is great to directly see the impact of your efforts, which makes this experience so incredible.