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Informational Interviews

Interning at a corporate fashion company has been such a positive experience thus far. I am surprised at how well I have adjusted to my internship and how much the team I am working with is willing to help. Being in the corporate environment has allowed me to think of things that go into operating a business, and has further sparked my interest in operations/logistics..

Luckily, the internship program at BCBG Max Azria Group is very supportive and my recruiter was able to get me in touch with employees from different departments to share their expertise with me. I had the opportunity to meet with a Retail Operations Assistant and Supply Chain Project Manager. Both of them were really nice to me and gave me an insight on their education and what they do.

If you haven’t conducted an informational interview before, here are some tips and recommendations:

  • Research and learn more about the department/position
  • Come professionally dressed and eager to learn more about the person you are meeting
  • Have questions! Before you sit down with the person you are interviewing, have an idea of what you want to ask. (There is no such thing as a “dumb” question!)
  • Bring a notepad and pen to write down any notes. Do not bring your phone to do that
  • After your meeting, follow-up with them and send them a thank you note!