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It’s not all about the MD’s

When I was first introduced to the concept of “networking” the goal of it all seemed pretty straightforward. Talk to people you don’t know and have never met before. Get them to know who you are and have a positive opinion about you. All done in order to land one of those coveted positions at some of the best firms available.


So much of our time and energy in the early stages of beginning to start our career is spent focusing on sending emails and talking to Managing Directors, Senior Supervisors, etc. that we begin to forget that networking isn’t all about connecting with those in the most senior positions. While some of us have branched out or stuck solely to networking with recent grads or junior analysts, what I’ve seen is some completely forget that networking is not entirely upward.


Just because someone is not in an immediate position to help you land a job does not mean that they won’t ever be a tremendous resource to you later on. Babson has a very strong, internationally connected student body and while you are still here it is your prime opportunity to take advantage of that. It isn’t just a matter of finding more time to hang out with friends and peers in your class, but take the opportunity to participate in a mentorship program or other event that connects students of all class years.


Don’t let the immediate goal of employment distract you from the tremendous long term resources in front of you.