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Taking Initiative

More often than not when a task or project is assigned a minimal number of instructions on how to complete that given task or project is provided. This was something to which I had to grow accustomed.  I am used to being given instructions and guidelines in order to understand what exactly I have to do to finish a task successfully and to gauge how the quality of the work I complete will be evaluated.

Although at first I found this aspect of my internship daunting, because I was still learning and absorbing what my supervisors’ expectations of me and my work were, I quickly learned that the minimalistic instructions was actually a great aspect of my job. The freedom that was given to me allowed me to show the high level of work that I am capable of delivering and is an opportunity for me to stand out from the other interns. It becomes a way in which my supervisors’ can measure my achievements and my work.

Additionally, finding ways in order to get involved with a wide variety of projects is another lesson I have learned thus far. As I mentioned in a previous post, finding and earning a career in the entertainment industry has been a passion and goal of mine since before I entered college. Therefore, now that I have finally been given the opportunity to work in this industry I am determined to gain a well-rounded and diverse perspective of the entertainment industry by getting involved with as many projects as possible. I want to discover new facets of this industry that I did not know existed before.

By working in such a niche market of the entertainment industry, a boutique entertainment based brand management agency, I am naturally gaining a unique experience in the entertainment industry but without taking the initiative to learn about and explore the various projects and clients with which Populus Brands is involved, I would not be gaining the best set of skills or knowledge that I can later transfer into any future jobs or opportunities within the entertainment industry.