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Fourth of July Special

Working with BCBG Max Azria Group, LLC has been such a great experience so far. This past month has flown by so quickly! Luckily, I have been able to learn so much in the short time that I have been here. Before I started my internship, I was worried that it would not be so hands-on and that I would spend my time running tedious errands. However, interning with a high-end fashion line has not been as overwhelming as I thought it would be and I feel so fortunate to be in a department that is kind and encouraging.

Hearing my manager talk about meetings and how things are run has been a great learning experience as well. I also really appreciate how my manager is willing to bring me on-board with eCommerce projects. For instance, a couple of weeks leading up to the Fourth of July, the team told me that there was a last minute project that involved promoting select items and sending an email out to all of BCBGMAXAZRIA subscribers for three July 4th trends: Summer BBQ, Open-Air Concert, and Beach Party. The creative team created the email and though I didn’t see that being developed, I saw how important communication is in a large company in order to get projects like this done.

Personally, I was in charge of merchandise the page that the email would direct to. I had no idea what merchandising meant before I started this internship, so it was rewarding to see that my manager and the eCommerce team believed I could help create a webpage many customers would see. Though it may seem like an easy to just add products to a webpage, there is a lot that goes behind it. I have to make sure the page aligns with BCBG’s overall mission and style, along with aligning the page with the message we were sending.  Additionally, I was in charge of choosing the clothes and accessories for the page that would be appropriate for the trends and had to get that approved by the Creative Editor.

I spent about 2 days working on this project and it was so cool to see how my additions to the page were made live for the internet to see.

bcbg screenshot