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Eager Beavers: Class of 2018 Ready to Join Babson

With orientation just two months away, Babson’s Class of 2018 will soon be joining the Babson community.  This group of students brings unique qualities and experiences to the campus with its diversity in background, interests, culture and geographic origin.

College brings so many new opportunities– academic, social, extracurricular, and beyond – and it is a very exciting time for incoming students. With such a diverse student population and wide range of options, the new students at Babson will quickly find themselves busy.  I recently caught up with some of the Class of 2018’s incoming students to hear about the things they are looking forward to.


With Babson being ranked #1 in entrepreneurship for the past 20 years, it’s natural for some students to be focused on this aspect of the school. Incoming student Avneet Kalra (Herricks, NY) comments, “I’m looking forward to implementing my entrepreneurial mentality in a classroom and real world setting.” Babson allows students this real-world setting from day one as First Year students launch and run their own business through the Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship Class. 2018’s Julian Mullins (Eugene, OR) adds “I am looking forward to starting a business next year in the FME course, continuing my dance career with the Babson Dance Ensemble, and gaining international business experience through the Glavin Global Fellows Program.” BDE is just one of the diverse extracurricular and arts offerings at Babson. Kai Haskins (Ithaca, NY) says “I’m excited to become part of the theatrical community at Babson and glad to be near Boston so I can easily go to concerts.” Babson offers nearly 100 clubs and students are free to create their own new organization if they find an interest and need. Babson has a prime location having a quiet suburban setting with easy access to Boston, opening the doors to a long list of places to visit, events to attend, large numbers of students with whom they can interact, and a thriving business community.


Leinado Marte (Brooklyn, NY) comments “I’m most excited about the internship opportunities and connections I get through Babson for a promising career after graduation.” Babson’s Undergraduate Career Center is ready to welcome new students and help them plan their futures – whether assisting with interview preparation, resume critiques, or helping students find internship opportunities. Leinado adds “I’m excited to play rugby for the Babson Beavers.” Babson College represented by the color green and the distinguished beaver mascot offers over twenty varsity sports teams, as well as club and intramural sports and exercise classes in the Webster Athletic Center.

CCDFirst Year Lisa Cole (Lexington, KY) comments “I’m the most excited about the sense of community at Babson… It seems like a very inclusive environment and there’s something for everybody.”  Beyond the class of 2017, the Babson student body is made up of students from nearly all-50 States and 70 countries.  The Babson community is truly one of diversity and a place to learn and grow. Class of 2017’s Rashik Hyder when reflecting on his first year recently commented “What I truly enjoyed the most were the people. Coming from all over the world, the diversity of thought is what intrigued me ever since orientation.” Current students, faculty, staff, and alumni are ready to help and make their time at Babson the best it can be for incoming students! Get excited and you’ll be at Babson before you know it!

Statistics Represent Last Year's Incoming Class...What will 2018 Bring?

Statistics Represent Last Year’s Incoming Class…What will 2018 Bring?

Are you a member of the Class of 2018? Comment below what you’re looking forward to most! Also be sure to check out the Babson Class of 2018 New Student Site and Facebook Page to learn more and connect with your classmates!