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Week 3: Going Strong


On my ride into work I was listening to the radio and the broadcaster was explaining how the United States Soccer coach was telling employers to enable their employees to watch the game at work. I guess it worked! The whole day the United States vs Germany World Cup game was on in the office and it brought us all together. It was nice, as I am the only intern, I got to know my teammates on more of a personal level through watching bits and pieces of the game. Like I mentioned in my last post, my daily interactions are with the president of the firm. Therefore my relationships with others are limited as we work on separate portfolios under the same roof.

I am yet to sit in on a meeting with a client because my boss is usually traveling while I stay back and to do the grunt work. I look forward to the opportunity to listen in on a meeting with a client receiving a first-hand experience. I will have the chance to do so in two weeks as I venture to New York City with the president of the firm. I am not sure what to expect at this point, but I know that it will be filled with a tremendous amount of learning experiences in regards to the interpersonal skills of a wealth manager. I will report back after my meeting.