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Let Me Get You in the Loop – with dotloop

If you have ever purchased or sold real estate, you know there are an endless number of papers and contracts that have to be signed by multiple parties. The amount of emails, faxes, and late night meetings to get signatures will give anyone a migraine. dotloop is a simple management system that allows for the entire transaction to be completed online from start to finish. While the system can be used for any business type – it is optimized for real estate. With family in the industry, I instantly saw the great value this would bring to any brokerage and their clients.

The company was ranked as one of the best companies to work for in 2012 – and it’s easy to see why. It is headquartered in Cincinnati and has another office in San Francisco, CA. The Cincinnati office is located in a historic freight terminal, which allows for wide open spaces and high ceilings. There are company bikes available for employees to use throughout the day to get around downtown, Monday breakfasts, and quite possibly my favorite part, a vast collection of TAZO tea. There is always something fun happening in the office. Even today, the US Secretary of Commerce and former CEO of AOL Time Warner came to visit!

marketing team

the marketing team!

Within my first month, I have learned more than I ever expected. dotloop is an amazing place and has been extremely welcoming and supportive. The marketing team consists of four talented guys: Alex, Ian, Dave and Steve. They enjoy playing music, making random sounds and “being less fat”. While they work extremely hard, they make the experience fun and exciting. With their help, I can say with confidence that I have already gained a strong understanding of key digital marketing systems such as Sales Force and Eloqua.

So far, I have implemented and designed an entire library of email templates to be used by the sales team after they end a call with a prospect. The project has taken several weeks, but it will hopefully make a large impact. I have also created two email campaigns that will be sent out to different segments. With over a million users, it can be daunting at times to create an email, but it makes it that much more exciting.

For lunch, I usually pack and enjoy the latest SNL episode or if I am feeling social, I will meet up with a friend in the square. Last week, the entire marketing department and others from the company went to the square for a food truck event and Thursday we will be returning to support team USA in the world cup. Spending time outside of the office is great for getting to know everyone on a better level. I found out that the new content writer who sits next to me has done work for Dunkin’ Donuts, Smucker’s and has worked directly with Jane Goodall – talk about cool.

Considering everything that has occurred the first month, I’m excited to see what the rest of the internship has in store. If you missed my first blog post, check it out, here.