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First Experiences in Entertainment Marketing

Finding my way into the entertainment industry has been a professional goal of mine since before I began my college career. I knew that by receiving and accepting an internship with Populus Brands as an Entertainment Marketing Intern I would finally be able to experience, first hand, the managerial and business side of the entertainment industry.

After almost completing my second week at Populus I have learned so much about the branding and brand management side of the industry that drives the TV shows, films, and individuals we recognize on a daily basis.  The tasks that my supervisors assign me definitely allow me to further explore and learn more about the entertainment industry from a marketing and branding perspective. However, in addition to the tasks assigned, simply listening to conversations about major projects and clients is a great way to really understand the depths of branding for entertainment and lifestyle companies.

Through the projects that are assigned to me I want to learn more efficient and effective ways to gather specific information about brands and clients and how to properly communicate information to them in order to give us the results that we wish to acquire. So far I have learned valuable techniques and methods through the programs used in the office that strategically allow us to connect the best brands with our clients and projects. Additionally, I have learned that it is extremely important to ask and communicate any questions or concerns you may have because those conversations are what help make your work and value in the company significant. Finally, one of my professional goals is to always be networking even while at work because the people I am meeting and working with now may be valuable individuals to reach out to during my career search in the upcoming year.  During the two months I will be living in Los Angeles I hope to make the most of my experience by meeting as many professionals as I can and attending as many events as possible that will hopefully open many doors in the future.