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Why Consultants are Brilliant

The first person I was introduced to was nothing less than brilliant. Coming from a country where first impressions are born from the style by which one dresses along with the professionalism they’ve long mastered when first introducing themselves, I was blown away by the business casual dressed 27 year old sitting across from me writing a multi-million dollar proposal while singing along to Queen. Israel is a uniquely high functioning country, Tel Aviv is just a more metropolitan microcosm of what the country is truly made of. I can’t stress enough the disparity in truths of what it is really like to live in Israel. I’ll prompt that by saying Tel Aviv is the brainchild of the most beautiful scenery in Paris combined with the hustle and flow of midtown Manhattan.

I am living in the northern end of Tel Aviv, and working full time at Deloitte consulting. I am also taking part in a project called XLN which is a local innovation hub that is sponsoring a project where we as students lead an initiative to enact social change to benefit those in Israel. I have access to 3D printers, coding terminals, and various other disruptive technologies. Working as a consultant however is the greatest part of being able to live in Tel Aviv. I am immersed with people who have experienced 50 different company cultures, solved hundreds of complex problems, and have mastered the art of presentation in two or more languages. I am learning more than I could have ever imagined, and I’m only one week in.