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First Day at Israeli Startup: Veems!

#IAmAnEntrepreneur #Veems


#Romanian Food #New Friends #Entreprenuership

#Romanian Food #New Friends #Entrepreneurship

Day one of internship complete! My expectations were blown through the roof. It was a seven-minute walk to the HiCenter, which is a startup incubator at the base of the Carmel Mountain. My new friends, Louisa, Brandon, and Josh, are also interning at the HiCenter with different startups. The company I’m interning for is called Veems. Veems is an app that captures a four second moment of sound in a single photo. The app was launched in October, already has over 120,000 registered users and continues to grow daily.  Download it on the app store and check it out! https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/veems/id640122193?mt=8  Today I met my coworkers and I already feel like I am a part of the Veems family. Initially, I had my doubts that this app was viable with users, but after meeting the “Veems Team” I believe in the potential of this startup. Iddo Goren, the CEO and co-founder of Veems, sold me on his visions and motivations for risking everything to start Veems; He was inviting, inspiring, and innovative. Tamar Arava, the head of Business Development, has motherly warmth about her. Thus, I am excited to form a relationship with her that I hope extends outside of the workplace and my three months in Israel. Finally, Barak Hacham has just joined the “Veems Team” as an Android programmer after three years in the Israeli Defense Force.  Today was just the start, but I hope that my Babson education and work experience will help me to propel Veems forward!