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Goals for Music Industry Internship


I am one of many students who will be completely an internship this summer. Mine is in an industry though that I personally haven’t heard too many other students talk about in a business sense – the music industry. It is dominated by big players and shaped by what people see in the media. It is changing though and going through a big period of evolution. That is part of what draws me to it, so I can see where entrepreneurship can play a part in the music industry’s transition period.

I am interning at Rounder Records, which is based out of Nashville, TN and is under Concord Music Group in Los Angeles, CA. I am focused in the marketing and touring department but I have the chance to see how different departments operate as well.

Going into my internship, I have two main broad goals. 1. To learn about the music industry and 2. Learn about my strengths and interests within this industry. While they seem broad and general, they are actually really important to me. In order for me to see how I can be successful in this industry, it is essential that I take this time as an intern to soak up as much knowledge as I can. The music industry can be filled with myths about how it operates, so I want to make sure I focus on understanding the mechanics. As I am doing this though, it is important that I see how it fits into me and my growth. 

In order to achieve my goals, I plan on asking as many questions as I can and being willing to help wherever I can. I also want to be honest with myself about what I am learning about both the industry and myself. As I go through the internship I also hope to set more specific goals to move forward in a specific direction. Overall, I am looking forward to being in a new environment surrounded by people who are also passionate about the future of the music industry.