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Getting to Know January G.A.P.

When we think about college admission, we think about the typical fall entry. For New England, that means your summer tan is fading, the leaves are starting to change and the internal struggle between breaking out your jackets from the back of the closet and continuing to wear flip flops has begun. What we forget is that traditional isn’t always for everyone and many students start their collegiate journey in a month other than September. Gap semesters have been on the rise in the United States and abroad over the last few years — we’ve seen an increase here at Babson as well.

What’s  January G.A.P. Enrollment all about?

In addition to the 480 students that Babson enrolls each fall, Babson also enrolls 40 first-year students who begin their studies in January as part of the G.A.P. cohort. These students have the same academic experience as those who enter in September, including a special section of Babson’s signature course Foundations of Management and Entrepreneurship (FME) which starts in the spring semester. These 40 first-year students continue FME and their other coursework through Summer Session. By August of the same calendar year, they will have completed their first year of studies and begin their sophomore year in September with the rest of their classmates.

The best way to learn more about any experience is to talk to those living it themselves, so let’s meet some of Babson’s current G.A.P. students to fill you in on this incredible opportunity.