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How To Turn Your Twitter Profile Into A Professional Platform ( 7 Steps)

1. Follow companies that you admire and want to learn more about. Its is also a good idea to follow  political and professional leaders whom you respect.

i.e @mcuban, @PWC_US_Careers

2. Cater a good majority of your tweets towards your professional interests. This means sharing news articles and interesting blogs posts that you have read and also tweeting about your opinions on the articles.

3. Use hashtags  .. If you would like to make a tweet about a company, country , person ; topic  use the hashtags ; . These are markers for your tweets. For example , when I want to find professionals on twitter who talk about marketing I often begin by searching the #marketing #advertising hashtag.

4. Make direct tweets. I always tweet companies when I receive good customer service or directly tweet a person when they post an interesting article ; no matter how famous they are. It may seem like twitter users and company twitter accounts with thousands of followers do not read direct tweets; but they do!


5. It doesn’t have to be all about business. Feel free to share any appropriate content that you want. If you want to tweet about a sports game or new song , do it. It is important to let people see your personal interests as well…Just make sure you always think about what is appropriate to share

6. Make your twitter public. If your Twitter profile follows the above steps and also contains appropriate content ; I suggest making your account public. This way when companies search your name on Google (many companies will search for your name on the internet to see what information comes up) they will find a Twitter account that shows you are personally invested in your career path and that you keep yourself updated on the industry; this can only help you!

7. Spell-check your tweets. Although you only receive 140 characters , make sure you try your best to make it as grammatically sound as possible.

I have followed each of these steps in hopes of transforming  my twitter into a professional platform. I have been followed by many influential people in the business world. I have even been messaged about internship opportunities. I have managed to make my twitter at the top of the search engine bar when searching my name.

I hope you found these steps interesting!

Leandra G.