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The 2014 Best Places to Work in Boston – company culture wins!

This past week, the Boston Business Journal announced the 2014 Best Places to Work. The list spans companies from many industries – some more well-known than others. The survey was completed by the employees of these companies, which speaks volumes. Chris McIntosh, publisher of the Boston Business Journal said “Companies on our list can be justifiably proud of creating a high level of workplace satisfaction during an economy where traditional rewards like big raises and bonuses aren’t as easy to give. In good times and in bad, our results validate how the creation of the right corporate culture can create powerful business advantages. Employees are proud to work for companies that are about more than just business.”


There are 60 companies on the list and CCD has partnerships with many of them. Take a look, visit their websites to learn more about the people, culture and potential opportunities; and visit Career Connections.  It goes to show that there is much more behind a company name — it’s the people and the culture they help to create that really makes the difference. Congratulations to the companies and their employees that make them the Best Places to Work!