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Springing Back into Travel

It’s that time of year again! Our counseling staff is back out on the road as we start to work with high school juniors – potential members of the Babson 2019! Where are we around the country and around the world you ask? Well, let’s take a peek. This spring Babson is visiting the following states: MA, RI, CT, NH, VT, ME, NJ, and TX in addition to the following countries: Switzerland, Turkey, China, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand!


Counselors from around the country at Uplift Education JUMP Day in Dallas, TX

No matter where you reside around the world, this spring could be the very first time you encounter Babson and other schools you’ll be looking at as part of your search process. Whether it be a college fair, alumni event, admission workshop, or high school visit – we hope that you come prepared to ask the questions that will help you get your search process started and enable you to decide where you belong in just a year’s time. One thing is for sure, admission counselors love answering your questions and truly enjoy sharing our knowledge about the colleges/universities we work for. Even more, we appreciate thoughtful questions and we hope that our answers will offer some relief during the start of this busy, yet exciting time in your lives. Let’s dive-in to some of the “fan favorite” questions from our Babson Admission Staff. Perhaps you can keep these in your arsenal next time you find yourself at a college fair, hopefully you’ll see our table and give Babson a try!

What differentiates Babson from other top business schools/programs?

What are some favorite student traditions?

What is the average class size, as opposed to student to faculty ratio?

What’s the benefit of an Undergraduate business degree if I ultimately want to get an MBA?

What sorts of abroad experiences do you have?

What is your favorite spot on campus?

What makes an application stand out? 

 What are students talking about on campus?