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Purple Walls


As I sit in a half packed room, I’m starting to realize how much has really happened in here throughout the year. You don’t really think about it when you are living in your room, but those 4 walls have seen it all.  They have seen some of my best days, like the day I got the phone call for Rebecca to be my Little and getting accepted to go abroad. They have even seen my worst when all I could do was cry and didn’t leave the same spot for 2 hours. It is amazing to think of all the moments that have happened in there.

Not only will I be leaving as a junior in college, I won’t be coming back for the next semester since I will be abroad. Time is passing by however those walls have been there for years. They have seen so many memories being made, laughter and tears. You don’t think about how you enter your dorm room one way and when you leave at the end of the year you come out another way. I am definitely more mature now then I was moving in in August and though it is nerve-racking leaving the comfort of room 6 I know I am a better person for it. Who knows what adventures will bring this summer and fall semester, but I will always have the memories of the purple walls to bring me back to sophomore year. I have gone through so much in my room the past year and not that it is time to pack up and leave is kind of scary.