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What’s my 168?

There are 168 hours in a week. How you manage your 168 hours a week will be critical for the next four years that you have in college. I am currently a senior at Babson College and these last four years flew by in a flash. Appreciate every minute that you have in college before it’s too late. How I spent my 168 hours as a first-year student is completely different from how I am spending my 168 hours as a under-loading senior.

I am currently taking 12 credits since I took summer classes during my freshmen year. I use my free hours instead to learn how to code with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and jQuery. I am also an event planner so I am currently working with a company to plan a conference in mid-May. I also have three jobs on campus. On Mondays, I work at ITSD as a media services assistant. During the nights, I work as a student manager at the Fund for Babson’s Phonathon division. I am also a social media ambassador and special events video recorder. The rest of my time, I use those 168 hours to apply for jobs and focus on gaining new skills.

As a first-year Babson students, you have endless opportunities and resources to fill your 168 with. You can join a club or even create a club. You can join Student Government Association or the Steering Committee of 2018. You can work on-campus or off-campus. You can focus on dancing with Babson Dance Ensemble (BDE) or AMAN. You can join Greek Life or a sports team.  There are so many opportunities!

Enjoy your time at Babson, but most importantly, don’t forget to breath and have fun during your 168. Don’t overwork yourself and always remember to smile!