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Driven to Distraction

Happy Friday! Has anyone else had trouble concentrating today? Judging from my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the interwebs  are exploding with anticipation over the final push to release decisions at schools across the country.  While intellectually we know that we should all focus on work and school, the knowledge that something may be waiting in your inbox is just too tempting to ignore.

Guess what? It’s contagious-even though we released nearly two weeks ago we still feel distracted by your excitement. You know why? It means April is here and very soon admitted students will be arriving at Babson ready to try and decide whether it is a place to call home for four years.

So here’s a shout out to the admitted Class of 2018-we’re ready for you.  Here in Babson Park we are busy putting the finishing touches on Babson168, our open house for admitted students on April 11. Can’t make it on the 11th? There are still plenty of opportunities to try the Babson experience on for size through our Discover Babson Shadow Days, Weekend Preview Days, and of course, regularly scheduled weekday information sessions and tours. We’ll even spring for lunch in our fabulous dining hall. Check your email for further details on each of these programs.

Earlier in the year I blogged about the best way to navigate your college visit as a prospective applicant, and I think my off-roading strategies are just as useful at this stage in your search. While we have been working very hard to create programs to give you a snapshot of the Babson vibe, I’m a big fan of leaving the glare of the admission office for an hour or so and going off on your own. Wander into an academic building and sit in a classroom. Stop a student on the path and ask why they chose Babson. Go into our academic services building and introduce yourself to a dean-they may be helping you navigate your course schedule sooner than you think. Get some frozen yogurt. Then listen to your gut. Is this your community?

In the college search process, the application cycle tends to get all the attention, but really I think April is the busiest month. Enjoy it-it’s the first of many life changing decisions you’ll have to make in this lifetime.

Now back to being distracted.