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A Day In the Life: Babson Senior

My final spring semester signifies the slowing of the wheels and transition to what it is to come right after; my last three months of college until the “real life” begins. Overall, my last semester has been a time for me to slow down, reminisce with friends and take the time to enjoy things I haven’t done yet in my Babson career. In reality, this semester has been busier than ever.

I currently have a full-time job and I am fulfilling a majority of my work requirements – so what’s left?  As someone who has been involved on campus from the start, I wanted to end as I began – fully involved and dedicated to what I love. I am currently taking a full course load of four classes, working on campus as a FME Mentor and Admissions Fellow, participating in two intramural sports and somehow I eat and sleep in-between! All of my Babson experiences over the last four years have really made me adept at managing a wide array of activities. Sometimes people make note of the fact that priorities come first, but when everything is a priority, it does get tough to manage and yet, we all survive!

I write to you as I am finishing up another busy week on campus, but next week will definitely be relaxing as I will head to Spring Break with a bunch of my friends in Mexico. Shortly thereafter, I will be bogged down in finding housing for next year and then fulfilling projects and other obligations before graduation. Look below to see to what an average week is like in the life of a senior! My schedule may not be typed or color-coded, but it works for me and gets the job done. Everyone has their own style!

schedule for blog