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Decision Day

Here we go.  This Sunday at 3:00 EST, Babson College will release Regular Decisions online (accessible through the My Babson portal, so be sure your username and password is ready).

Decision Day is always a big deal for us here in the Admission Office-a combination of exciting, rewarding, and more than a little nerve wracking (please, IT keep the network from crashing when all of you descend on the Portal at once!). We have gotten to know you for the past year and a half-some beginning in the fall of your junior year. We chatted with you when we visited your school, interviewed you here in the Lunder Admission Center, retweeted your tweets, toured you around campus, returned your nervous emails at the deadline, and read your comments on Instagram. Then we got your applications. We asked you to Define You and that you did. Since November we read and reacted to your stories about your family, culture, quirks and crazy, but not impossible, business ventures. As a result, we as readers championed you in committee. Fueled by caffeine and sugar (usually by way of chocolate covered espresso beans) we discussed, debated, and sometimes fought to get your voice front and center. That’s the direct result of this holistic process we talk so much about-we get attached.

I fully realize that telling you that decisions will be released two days from now will not exactly make for a relaxing weekend. My advice to you is to get ready by doing the things you love to do. Go for a run, binge watch House of Cards (or if you’re already finished, Parks and Rec is a favorite in our office), listen to your music really loud (your parents will understand), meet some friends for pick-up basketball. Whatever you like to do, make sure you make some time for yourself, because whether your Babson decision is positive or not, the next month and a half will be dedicated to figuring out where you want to spend the next four years of your life (oh and did I mention you also need to keep your grades up?). I guarantee wherever you end up, it’s the beginning of a wild ride.

Congratulations, future Class of 2018! No matter what Sunday brings, you are all awesome.