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Women’s Overnight 2014

On Sunday February 23, Babson College hosted its annual Women’s Overnight event. The event took place in Knight auditorium and among individuals in attendance included class deans, former Women’s Overnight recipients, members of faculty and this years recipients.

The event began at 5pm and ended approximately at 7pm. At this point parents departed for the night and the women settled in with their hosts and were taken to the cupcake social. But from 5pm to 7pm individuals in attendance were treated to a host of great speakers and influential members of the Babson Community. The Director of Undergraduate Admissions, Courtney Minden, kicked off the night with opening remarks, followed by a powerful and entertaining presentation by Susan Duffy, the Executive Director for Women’s Entrepreneurial Leadership.  Ms. Duffy was absolutely able to connect to the crowd and the table I was sitting at for example had their eyes glued on her the whole time.

Following Ms. Duffy’s presentation was dinner and time for individuals like myself to connect with the recipients and members of the community. I was able to connect with a recipient from Cleveland, OH and also had conversations with past Weissman Scholars and Dean Rob Major.

Following dinner, I got to witness a presentation from my peer and study abroad colleague, Nitiya Walker. Nitya’s speech gave me a bit of nostalgia on my past three years and I was so happy to see her success from day one to now. The evening ended with another powerful presentation, this time by Shanna Glassner from the class of 2010. Like the other speakers, Shanna was very powerful and gave attendees an idea of the significance of being a women at Babson College and the opportunities presented to you.

Lastly, the women in attendance were treated to a Cupcake making social in Reynold’s Global lounge as a way for them to mingle with their fellow overnights and hosts.

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