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The Often Overlooked, but Most Important Piece of the Puzzle

This week, the Big 4 Accounting Firms have been on campus interviewing students for their Summer Sophomore Leadership Programs.   Each Firm commented on how well students communicated their interest in the accounting industry and their relevant coursework and/or previous work experience.   However, when students were asked the questions; “what are you passionate about?” or “what hobbies do you enjoy?” many were unprepared to answer.   Employers understand that you know how to study hard, but what do you like to do for fun?  Your interests are an important piece to completing the puzzle of “You.”

Why is it important for you to share your interests with potential employers?  The Firms, and most employers, want to know that you will have a life outside the office.  They have found that the most successful employees are those who are not working 24/7 (except during Busy Season!) and are able to cultivate their other interests.

So, what are your hobbies?  What gets your energy flowing?  Is it taking a run through Wellesley or maybe mountain biking at the Middlesex Fells?  Is it volunteering at The Greater Boston Food Bank or baking cookies for your dorm mates?  Is it creating an abstract piece of art or playing a musical instrument?  Is it writing a screenplay or perhaps stand-up improv?  Maybe you’re a karaoke junkie?

Your interests are what make you unique and authentic so be prepared to share this special puzzle piece with potential employers too.  However, keep in mind that jumping into a rendition of Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” during your next interview or at a work event, probably won’t get you that job or be a career enhancement.  Trust me, I know.