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Time to Dance

As the 2013-2014 school year begins to wind down, a lot of exciting things are happening on campus. One of those exciting things is what many like to call “dance season”. In April  AMAN, (Babson’s Southeast Asian Group) and BDE (The  Babson Dance Ensemble) each put on shows for the entire campus. As a choreographer for AMAN, I am definitely excited. The next month will be filled with practices and long stressful hours but I know I am going to love all of it. In the month of practice leading up to the performance, I get to meet so many new people and make new friends as we all work together to put together a dance we hope will take the audience’s breath away. In the past my dances have had human pyramids and even a human low-rider, I have no idea what our “show-stopper” stunt is going to be this year but I know its going to be better than ever. The cool thing about having AMAN and BDE as groups on campus is the chance that these groups provide for students to explore their interest in dance or continue their passion for dance. Experience is not necessary, as long as you have fun dong what you are doing, the rest will iron itself out. If you are on Babson’s campus on April 3rd, be sure to ask for directions to Sorenson Theatre and come watch the AMAN show, its going to be a great one.