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Top Five Room Essentials

Something you will quickly learn at Babson, if you haven’t already, is the importance of staying organized. Everyone seems to have their own personal way of keeping on top of their numerous activities, but my favorite is using lists. I don’t know if it is my current BuzzFeed addiction that has started this new habit, but I have found myself quickly jotting down my ideas or assignments in a numbered list in my planner (which I cannot go anywhere without). There are many things you will find yourself needing at Babson, planner included. The following five items have been vital to my success at Babson:


  1. Keurig: I am a coffee addict. There is no denying it. My friends know if they really want me to do something, the best way to convince me is to bribe me with coffee. What really set apart my Keurig from a typical coffee maker is the fact that I do not have to clean a pot every day and potentially make too much coffee (if there were ever such a thing).
  2. Refrigerator: Babson allows students to bring their own refrigerators to campus, as long as they are a reasonable size. I love having my own in my room, because as much as I love the on campus dining options, sometimes I really just want to have some of my dad’s homemade chili or my mom’s stew for dinner. Coming back from breaks my parents load my refrigerator up to make sure I will be well fed. Of course, I also love having the fridge for when I am up late studying and want a snack, but do not want to walk to the campus center.
  3. Sticky Notes: On top of my numerous lists in my planner, you will find my desk covered in sticky notes, reminding me of various deadlines that will be quickly approaching. Everything from homework assignments that are due tomorrow to the dates of my various midterms are on brightly covered sticky notes, constantly reminding me of things I can be working on.
  4. Plastic Storage Bins: As the seasons begin to change (or at least I hope they will), I am starting to think about my spring clothes coming out of the storage bins and replacing my sweaters. These bins are great for keeping everything together and making space in drawers, while not taking up too much space since you can easily store them under your bed.
  5. Pictures from Home: When I am busy studying, it is nice to glance up from my textbooks and see pictures of my dogs and family. Even though I love Babson, I love to see familiar faces around my room. This really helps transform my “dorm,” where I would just sleep, to my “room,” where I have a connection.