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Dreaming Disney – Achieving Disney!

This post was written by Erica, Recruiting Specialist at Disney Worldwide Services, Inc.:

Greetings from the #1 most admired entertainment company, Babson students!  My name is Erica, I am a recruiting specialist for Disney Worldwide Services, Inc., and am excited to be a guest employer blogger for your undergraduate CCD! Dreaming of starting your career at Disney doesn’t just have to be a dream.  Let me tell you why… The 6 month Post Graduate Internship Programs we offer can be the perfect start to your career AFTER graduation.  The opportunities are endless and if you apply yourself, work hard, network, and make a difference every day, there is little reason as to why you can’t achieve your goals.  After all, you did get into Babson, didn’t you?

Disney’s Internship Program offers opportunities in finance, analytics, marketing, operations, technology, and more.  You can find everything you need in our website–including testimonials, videos, company culture, and the most importantly, the application process.

NOTE:  To be considered for SUMMER 2014 program, the application deadline is 2/28/14 so DO NOT DELAY!

I am excited to partner with Babson – a school that is known for its business and entrepreneurial leadership.  I wish you success in your application process.  Thanks for reading!