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“Study Away” in San Francisco!

Babson has introduced a new “study away” program to begin this fall. Twenty-five students will be traveling to San Francisco for a semester to study the tech start up environment there. San Francisco is a hot bed for Tech Entrepreneurship, and home to a Babson campus. Babson has appropriately identified this opportunity to further students’ learning by immersing themselves in this start-up culture for an entire semester, and students are excited about it.

When decisions were released on February 7th, many students posted on Facebook their excitement for traveling to San Francisco for a semester. The classes that will be offered are focused on Technology Entrepreneurship, Consulting for Tech Entrepreneurship, a class about culture in the American West and imagination, as well as a class about modern cities. As you can see, the courses offered are similar to classes offered at Babson in their diversity. Two will be focusing on business while the other two revolve around liberal arts and culture. This is also a great chance for students to explore the opportunities for students with entrepreneurial backgrounds in a great city like San Francisco.

This is an amazing new opportunity for Babson students and I cannot wait to hear about all of the new adventures!