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Intramural Following at Babson

It is that time of the year at Babson College where students are visiting the gym more frequently as the weather toughens. Many are sticking to their normal routines, others exploring the intramural sports being offered by Babson.  Some of the most popular sports being played include Basketball, Volleyball, Indoor Soccer and Dodge ball.

I frequently get asked by prospective students that if they do not play a sport on a varsity team could they still participate in that sport in someway? The answer is yes and the way to go is intramurals. I personally have been involved in basketball and dodgeball. My intramural basketball team consists of seven other individuals and we are one of fourteen teams participating throughout the season; you can clearly see that students who want to play have the opportunity to do so! Likewise I have captained a dodgeball team with my friends and although less competitive its a way for me to see my friends on a weekly basis that I would otherwise not been able to because of my busy schedule.

One other thing I want to make mention of in regard to intramural sports is that they are very diverse. All of our sports have participants from all class levels, teams participating from neighbor schools such as Olin College and teams often consists of players that are both female and male.

In addition while most students are participating in the intramural sports offered by our school, many of our varsity teams are also taking center stage. The Babson Basketball team for example are currently on a hot streak defeating number 3 seeded WPI. Babson is now 16-5 overall and 7-3 in the league.  This semester has been an exciting semester for Babson sports at all levels!