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Pump Up the Volume

mixtape_mainIt’s no secret that admission counselors are deep into application reading at this point. Just like everything else, everyone has their own way to get things done. Most people in our office play music in the background while they read, so I figured I would give everyone a sampling of what our staff listens to while they read. Maybe they’re reading your application right now!

Courtney Minden – Our Director has been finding success with Mumford and Sons, MGMT, and Dar Williams. On Songza, which she also introduced me to, Courtney has been sticking with “90s School Dance.” Since she saw Lady Antebellum last week and has also become addicted to the show “Nashville,” she has added “Kick Off Your Cowboy Boots” to her Songza playlist.

Courtney Leahy – If she listens to music (often times Regis and Kelly and Michael is on in the background), it is usually a Pandora Station for “Of Monsters and Men.”

Hannah Moriggi – Keeps Luke Bryan on shuffle because she’s got to represent country music in the office.

Asa Cary – Has had a lot of luck going with a Jay-Z station on Spotify.

Tim Cushing – Seems to listen to everything. However, he was very adamant that NO COUNTRY is part of his playlist. Tim rattled off the names of about eight bands on his list, and to be honest, I had heard of maybe two of them…probably from him in the first place. Tim has been to 472 concerts (a number I just made up, but he’s been to a lot).

Adrienne Ramsey and Sindhu Suresh are on the no music bandwagon. They like to focus without any noise in the background, but Adrienne will make an exception around the holidays because she loves Christmas music. Just to add an Adrienne fun fact, when she runs on her treadmill at home, she watches reruns of the old 90210.”

Tommaso Canetta – His go to is usually a Pandora shuffle of the Mumford & Sons, Stephen Kellogg, Sara Bareilles and One Republic stations. He also said he’s been listening to the Bastille album quite a bit this reading season.

Cheryl Borden – “Oh mine are so not cool! I listen to either Songzas “Girls:  Marnie” playlist (named after the character on the show or the “Drop a beat Workout” playlist. “Late Night Driving” is good too.”

Ellen Zatkowski (OUR NEWEST BLOGGER!) – “Typically, I’m all about shuffling my Pandora radio stations on reading days.  The shuffle I’ve been using lately is Mumford & Sons Radio and OneRepublic Radio since there’s a good mix of songs that I know and new artists.”

Your’s Truly – If I have one go to it would be an online station for “A Tribe Called Quest.” I dare you to not like this.

Can I pat myself on the back for the shortest blog I have ever posted? Yes, I think I can.

Any suggestions for what we should be listening to? We’re in the home stretch, we need all the help we can get!