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An Exciting Option: Babson Electives Abroad

Many Babson students want to go abroad, but sometimes have the difficult decision of leaving campus for a full semester or entire year. Whether for sports, jobs, internships, social, sports, financial or other reasons, it may be difficult for some students to give up so much time away from campus.

Babson offers opportunities to study abroad for limited periods of time if you want a short unique immersion experience, or can’t find the time to go abroad for an entire semester. In January of this year, I was fortunate to be able to spend almost two weeks on the Babson Ghana trip teaching entrepreneurship to high school students. We had an incredible opportunity to learn about the local culture, interact with students, and help students and adults develop their business ideas. There’s something truly special about traveling with a group of Babson students. We not only taught the local community, but learned from the students and each other, and developed some lasting bonds. Just being able to share our time and spend it with others was rewarding. Before returning home we were able to take a walk through rope bridges in the jungle canopy-a fun way to end our time in a beautiful country. Further we had the opportunity to visit a slave castle and look through the gate of no return – a powerful memory, and reminder of what difficulties so many have had to overcome and endure and a reminder of the need for compassion in this world. While I’m happy to be back at Babson, I’ll miss the smiling faces of our students, and of course the warm weather.

Around the same time I was spending my winter break in Ghana, other Babson students were studying in London – another exciting short program Babson offers for students to study abroad. I’ll actually be spending this upcoming summer in London through another program available at Babson. In London, I’ll have the opportunity for an internship as well as take a course at the London School of Economics and still be back in late August for the cross country pre-season and the start of the semester.
Keep an eye out for opportunities to study abroad at www.educationabroad.babson.edu, and remember you don’t always have to leave for a full semester to get an abroad experience!