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Hey Y’all!

borden-cheryl (1)It’s too late for me to say Happy New Year, but in the time since I last posted anything, I think most of the holidays on this list have passed, so happy everything. I’m sorry about that, but, if we can all get past this, I do have a very important blog to post…the latest installment of the James and Asa Interview Series! We’ve previously introduced you to Tommaso and Christine, so it is now time to introduce you to our newest staff member (drumroll, please)…CHERYL BORDEN! Cheryl will be reading for and traveling to schools in most of Asia and in the Boston area. So, from right in our back yard to just about as far as you can get from our office.

Now, I have known Cheryl for about six years now, so some of her answers to these questions were as I expected. However, just how deep her nerd blood runs was a bit of a surprise, even for me.

Thankfully Asa made it to Cheryl’s office before I did, as apparently, there was some Maroon 5 playing and everyone who knows me understands that Maroon 5 and I do not get along. However, that is neither here nor there. I don’t think Cheryl had read our previous interviews, so we were in the clear…she wasn’t nervous and we started out with some softballs.

You’re joining Babson from Elon University in North Carolina. Where are you from originally and what have you been up to?
Originally, I’m from North Dighton, MA and graduated from Elon in 2005. I have been working in undergraduate admission at Elon since I graduated.

So, you’ve been at Elon for quite a while. What are you going to miss the most?
Friends. After being there over 10 years, I made friends who are more like family at this point. Also, the food…Biscuitville and Cookout, especially their double drive thru.

Outside of the change in diet, what are your thoughts on returning to The Bay State?
I’m very happy to be back and closer to my family and friends in the area. The weather? Eh, not so much. We’ve had two major rainstorms and what feels like a half dozen snow storms since I’ve been back.

Since you’ve been in the south for a while, what are your thoughts on utilizing “y’all” in a conversation?
I think “y’all” is perfectly acceptable. It is just part of the culture, like up here people will drop their Rs and always use the term “wicked.”

At this point, one of our colleagues briefly interrupted to let Cheryl know how great Cheryl’s laugh is.

Cheryl, when we first met, we knew we would get along because we were both fans of New England sports teams. Where do your athletic allegiances lie?
Well, Red Sox, Patriots, and Celtics, for sure. I actually had a Celtics Starter jacket when I was a kid. I’ll obviously always root for Elon, and now, GO BABSON BEAVERS!


Just picture this jacket on Cheryl. So stylish!

OK, now we’re on to entertainment and pop culture. Two iPod questions…your go-to jam, and also the most embarrassing songs we would find on there.
Go-to jam? Probably Pompeii by Bastille. There are a few options for the most embarrassing song; most likely Wrecking Ball, by Miley Cyrus or anything by Ke$ha (Ed. Note: No shot I’m linking to those, you know where to find them).

Favorite bands?
Imagine Dragons, and Linkin Park. I own every Linkin Park CD, but have never seen them in concert.

On to movies and TV…you’re a self-proclaimed nerd and you love zombies more than anyone I know. Lay it on us: The Walking Dead and your chances of survival?
I actually not only own all the episodes of The Walking Dead, but each and every one of the comic books and novels (Ed. Note: Wow, that’s intense). I would like to think my chances of survival are moderately high based on my extensive reading and adherence to important training ideas from Zombieland…you need to do cardio.

OK, favorite movies…
The entire Underworld series, with the original being the best. Also, Something Borrowed, American Beauty, and The Perks of Being a Wallflower.

Getting back to some work topics, you have some very extensive travel experience after handling international admission for so much of your career. How do you feel traveling to meet students is a benefit for you in the process?
You get to meet students in their comfort zone. They’re far more in their element, so you can really see how they interact with their peers, teachers, and counselors. For me, understanding the school they attend better as well as the overall experience that they’ve been going through is also important. Traveling abroad can give you a sense of the country and the effect that may have on its people.

One more. Your advice for student going through the college search and application process.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions, don’t panic or be overwhelmed. Set personal deadlines, so you don’t stress for the rest of your senior year.

Let’s all welcome Cheryl to Babson! Having known her for a while, we are very lucky to have her here. Plus, should there be a zombie apocalypse, I am definitely on Team Cheryl.