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Spring is Here, Employers are Lining Up . . . Polish Your Brand!

Spring semester is here and CCD is ready with a robust calendar of career events and opportunities just for you, including our Career Boot Camp on 1/31 and Internship Fair on 2/6.  As you polish your resume and LI profile, dig that iron out from under your bed, make an appointment with your hair stylist, and clean up your social media sites, remember:

Everything that reaches the eyes and ears of employers is part of your brand:  the pictures you post on Facebook, your resume, your demeanor, and everything in between.


Branding Yourself for Career Success

Like marketing a product, your personal brand should be consistent, clear, and compelling; and targeted to your ideal employers.  Today, there is little distinction between your personal and professional self.  Companies seek to hire the “whole person” not just someone who can “do the job.”  Expect recruiters to pursue every avenue to evaluate your candidacy, far beyond your resume.  Their perception is your reality, so control what is out there.  The more focused and deliberate your brand, the more control you have.

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As you learn(ed) in MCE, marketing involves carefully crafting and blending a mix of promotional channels to communicate concise, consistent, powerful brand messages.  These channels can be Virtual or Face to Face, and in most cases a combination of both.

Virtual Channels

When you’re not around, your media footprint (print or digital) speaks for you, potentially 24/7 and across the globe.  It can be created by you or others.  Knowing what’s out there and having control are critical.  These channels include:

  • traditional off-line media such as resumes, cover letters, articles, business cards
  • on-line media such as emails, digital resumes, infographics, web-sites, blogs
  • social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ to name a few!

Face to Face Channels

The way you relate with others in face to face interactions is a big part of your brand.  Again, it’s all about perception.  These channels include:

  • Interpersonal skills, such as language, introductions, networking, interviewing, negotiating
  • Physical presence and appearance – attire, grooming, body language, etiquette, manners
  • Professionalism – character, values, work ethic, respect,  honesty

Consistency Across Channels

While every channel has its own unique values, goals, qualities, and formats, use the following common denominators to avoid brand confusion.  Whether you are communicating your brand message through a resume, blog or LI Profile, aim for the following:

  • Employer Focused – make content relevant to  employer needs, goals, motivators, values — not your own
  • Future Focused – focus on how you can add value going forward
  • Solution focused – emphasize problem solving, results, and accomplishments (quantify when possible)
  • Positive & Professional
  • High Impact, Action Oriented, Compelling
  • Consistent, Clear, Reader-Friendly

Where Do I Start?

Career Beam is your 24X7 virtual Career Center, which can be accessed through your student portal.  Here you will find  guidance on all aspects of your brand — resumes, social media, appearance, body language, networking, and interviewing to name a few.  Get started with Career Beam today!

What if I Don’t Know What I Want to Do?

Of course, all of this means you will need to have some level of understanding your career goals or at least interests – even if (and most likely they will!) change over time.  CCD’s innovative career strategy – Explore.  Discover.  Connect.  Achieve.  – will help you get there.  If you are unsure of your career direction, we strongly encourage you to get started with the Explore & Discover Phase of Babson’s Career Development Strategy.  The first step in this process will be completing the Quick Profile exercise in Career Beam (accessed through your student portal), and then making an appointment through Career Connections to meet with a CCD Advisor.

See you at Boot Camp and Internship Fair!