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Congratulations to our Fall 2013 Undergraduate Management Consulting Field Experience Teams!

As I reflect on the semester, I am grateful for the hard work and dedication exhibited by our 12 Management Consulting Field Experience (MCFE ) teams. You continue to amaze me with your thorough research, thoughtful recommendations, and professionalism. Thank you to our dedicated Graduate Student Project Leaders who managed these successful teams. I am proud to share your success! Here’s what some of our clients had to say:
“The PwC MCFE team did a fantastic job on their Enterprise 2.0 project this semester. I was extremely impressed by the professional manner in which the team members presented themselves both in person and on the phone/via email. The team caught on quickly to the flow of a consulting project, and submitted a timely and thorough scope of work document outlining their plan to research and deliver suggestions for increasing employee use of Enterprise 2.0 social media in the workplace. They organized and executed extensive, varied research and conducted systematic analysis of both qualitative and quantitative data. They communicated their findings in a very clear, engaging manner in the final presentation. Their presentation was very relevant to current needs at PwC and client needs. I will use their valuable recommendations going forward. “Sarah Malone, PWC

“Having worked with the MCFE program over previous semesters, I was very impressed by this group. Their thought process and work product demonstrate a sound understanding of the research they did and the value that it can add at an organizational level. They responded well when we challenged their thinking, and delivered a well-thought out case.” Danielle Frankel, PWC

“Excellent presentation that inspired great conversation among the group. All PUMA team members were pleased with the presentation and the output.” Hannah LeClair, PUMA

“My MCFE team exceeded my expectations at every turn and the work that they have done will directly impact my business.” Julie Nicoletti, Kinetic Fuel

“Thank you for all of your hard work this semester. ImagineAfrica Alliance and Food University have benefited greatly from your cost/revenue scenarios and all of the great questions along the way.” Maggi Alexander, ImagineNations

“Both Bernard and I were so impressed with the team on every aspect of the project. There were so many thing that they had to address and I can only image the amount of time they all put in to the research. Thank you for allowing us to be involved with the MCFE project.” Sarah Bouisseau, Bernards

“I received nothing but very positive feedback from the community members who attended, which included a member of the Board of Selectmen, a member of the Planning Board, members of the Council of Economic Advisors, Town Manager, Asst. Town Manager, Asst. Planner and well informed community volunteers. The group’s professional presentation and ability to answer questions, as well as their grasp of the issues/solutions, was nothing short of amazing. “Devra Bailin, Town of Needham

“The MCFE team’s research changed our perspective on the efficacy of digital marketing. We are wiser because of the Babson edge.” Mike Hall, NESN