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As I write this blog, we are having our first snow of the year, which is weird, because it feels like just last week I was writing my post announcing the essays for the Babson supplement. Now here we are-December 10 (just 24 days until the Regular Decision deadline!) and one week ago today we admitted our 167 ED candidates to the Class of 2018. Want a preview?I realize I’m a tad biased, but this is an auspicious start to the class. Let’s begin with the fact that they come from 20 states and 14 countries and hail from places like Kentucky, Tennessee, Nevada and Wellesley, Massachusetts.  Passports include India, Turkey, Jamaica, Brazil and Rwanda.They include a fashion designer who founded a Beanie hat company, a co-founder and COO of an anti-human trafficking organization, and a young woman who traveled to Antarctica with Students on Ice and educates people on climate change and the importance of taking action.An amateur juggler won first place at Babson Summer Study 2013 and has a patent pending with his grandfather. Another is a participant in the Babson Entrepreneurial Leadership Academy in Africa. I’m hoping that the student who plays the zither and bamboo flute will be bringing her talent to Babson Park.

Finally, this is the year that we are introducing the choice of either an essay or video for the Babson Supplemental Essay.  So far the most memorable is the gentleman who wore a cow suit to talk about his love of food.

I wish I could mention all 167 of the students who will be joining us next fall-they are soccer players, DECA members, leaders in Model UN, singers and world travelers and I can’t wait to meet each and every one of them.

Congratulations to the newest members of ’18. You are awesome. Now  it’s time to select your other classmates. (spoiler alert: Early Action decisions will be released on Sunday!).