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#BabsonPride for #BabsonPrizes

Following Babson Student Activities and Leadership on Twitter for updates on Babson events. Checking into Horn Library on Foursquare. Joining a networking group on LinkedIn. Whether you are using Facebook to keep in touch with your friends from high school or LinkedIn to network for your summer internship, social media is undoubtedly part of your daily college life. Social media is not only used to post your awesome pictures from the Babson Hockey game you went to last weekend, but also to make connections and stay up to date.

Of course social media can still be used for the usual procrastinating, which I am just as guilty of as the next student, but it can also be used for great things, especially at Babson. One of my favorite social media campaigns is #OWWWG, or On Wednesdays We Wear Green (yes, that is a reference to Mean Girls, movie fanatics). Every Wednesday, if you are spotted wearing green by a member of the Student Government Association or someone from the Student Affairs department you can win a prize for showing your Babson pride. Last week I won a $5 gift card to Starbucks after I saw on Twitter that the Assistant Dean of Student Affairs would be in Reynolds Campus Center during lunch to hand out prizes. It is a great middle of the week pick me up and a great way to show your pride around campus, not only on Wednesdays, but at alumni events like my friend Will in the picture on the left and at swim meets, like Gus on the right.


Biz-E and Will                gus