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The Struggle Of Choosing A Business Concentration

As my first semester of Sophomore year at Babson comes to an end, I cannot stop thinking of which concentration I will declare, if any. I have many friends who already know what they will be doing after graduation even which company and position they will have. However, I need a bit more experience in order to figure out what I will concentrate in.I know many students are feeling this same sentiment. The truth is that you do not need a concentration to receive a high-paying, valuable job after graduation. But even with this notion, I still feel that I need to concentrate because I think everyone else is. My solution if you are in this same predicament, is to take assessments that will reveal careers that your personality will align with. In my Organizational Behavior Class, I took a career assessment survey that actually did help me narrow down my choices. Now that I have a few career paths in mind, I am searching for internships, internships and even part-time jobs in order to figure what I want to do. The Center for Career Development website has been very helpful on my journey in figuring out what I want to do, so I suggest everyone check it out if they need assistance. But just remember that although it feels like there is so much pressure to choose what you will concentrate in, it is completely optional and there are resources that will help you.

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Leandra Grinage