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Wellness Week

With Thanksgiving break just around the corner it is just about time to start preparing for final exams. As students finish up final papers, tie up loose ends on group projects and start making study guides, various offices around campus prepare fun stress relief activities for students.

The activities range from Midnight Pizza handed out by administration on campus to service dogs in training visiting the campus center to give everyone busy studying away a chance to take a break. Last year there were free massages and free, healthy snacks in the library handed out by Public Safety.

To kick off the week there is one of the most popular traditions on campus, Midnight Breakfast. From 10 pm – 12 am on the last day of classes Trim Dining Hall opens serving breakfast to hungry students. Instead of our typical Trim staff, faculty and staff from all over campus are working the buffet line, serving students hot chocolate and posing for pictures. Newly added last year, to make this Babson tradition even better, is a waffle iron sporting a large Babson B in the center.

Even as finals loom ahead, Babson finds way for students to have fun and stay relaxed.