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International Tea

I remember the first day of class freshman year. One of my professors what talking about an economic policy that applies in the United States. A student raised his hand and said “I am from China and this policy would never function in my country.” He then explained how this aspect of the economy functions in China. Then, another student raised her hand and said “I am from Costa Rica, and neither of those economic policies apply in my country.” It was so refreshing to realize that for the next four years, I would have the privilege of hearing such diverse perspectives in the classroom. I can honestly say that by hearing perspectives of students and faculty from all around the world, I have gained a more global mindset, which I am confident will help me in my career next year.

Today marks the last day of this year’s International Education Week. Yesterday, I attended an International Tea hosted in the Glavin Office of International Programs at Babson. There were students from all around the world as well as delicious treats and tea. It was a very fun way to unwind and meet students from different countries. I look forward to the next International Tea.