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The Ultimate Challenge: Registration

Although it may seem like the fall semester just started, course registration for next semester has already started! Organizing the perfect spring schedule takes sacrifices, planning and just a little bit of luck. Narrowing down the numerous options to just four or five classes per semester forces students to really prioritize what they are interested in taking. I think the biggest problem with registration is that there are so many interesting classes offered it is a struggle to decide exactly which classes I would be interested in and would learn the most from.

Of course, there is some structure added when you are considering the classes that are necessary for your concentration.  In order to gain a concentration, you must take four specific classes that you can select from a larger list, which is available on the Babson website. Adding in required classes like Strategic Problem Solving helped me narrow my schedule down as well.  But then I found myself thinking, what else do I want to take for my other classes? Do I want to overload and take five classes so I can take advantage of all the classes Babson has to offer? Or would I find myself overwhelmed?

This is where friends can be very helpful. They have probably either taken a class you are considering or know someone who has. They can tell you exactly what to expect from the professor and what you can expect to learn. Scanning the course listing has become a habit in the past few weeks, since it was made available to students in October.  Also, class deans are specialized in helping students plan schedules that will help them get the most out of their Babson experience, without bogging themselves down with work. I have sat down with my dean to plan my schedule many times as I have seen my interests changing and I discover different classes that may be interesting. By sorting out my goals and considering the other activities I am involved in I have created a schedule that is both exciting and demanding.