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Hidden History: Babson Boulders

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the “Babson Boulders.” I had never heard of the Babson Boulders before, but recently learned about the history behind them. Located in Dogtown Common, Gloucester, MA, the Babson Boulders were created by Roger Babson during the Great Depression. Babson hired immigrant stone cutters to inscribe large boulders with inspirational quotes in order to help the economy and provide uplifting spirit.

This past fall the Babson Class of 2017 voted on the quote “Never Try Never Win” to be inscribed on their class rock at Babson. This quote actually comes from Roger Babson on the Babson Boulders in Gloucester. Also Roger Babson’s old home is just down the road if you are interested in learning more about the heritage of Babson’s founder.

If you’re looking for some adventure and a nice walk, head over to the Babson Boulders for some relaxation and inspiration! For more information: http://www.thedacrons.com/eric/dogtown/babson_boulders_gloucester.php